Welcome to a community of support as unique as you are!

What’s the most common term used to describe a “solo ager”?
There isn’t one! There are as many terms as there unique ways to define ourself. Single, divorced, widowed, never married, you may or may not have children, fiercely independent, unsure of your future, or master of your universe and not going to give up that privilege easily.

But, what DO solo agers have in common?
You’re NOT alone! You’re a member of one of the fastest-growing groups in the U.S. That’s why we created this unique and secure online community to help you connect, share, and learn with other active agers within an entertaining digital neighborhood.

Join today for free and enjoy all the resources and support that The Solo Ager community within My Best Life Club has to offer.

Build Relationships

The Solo Ager is a one-stop virtual community center featuring …

  • virtual meetups, support groups, and topic forums.
  • networking opportunities to create groups based on your hobbies and interests.
  • content-creation tools to help you tell your story and share your expertise.
  • a social calendar for events , webinars, and learning opportunities.
  • news content focused on learning new skills and enhancing your lifestyle.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

The Solo Ager boosts your well-being with …

  • referrals to pre-certified healthcare professionals and holistic wellness services.
  • educational sessions addressing nutrition, exercise, emotional support, coping with COVID-19, goal- setting, and creating plans to attain them.
  • Baseline Balance self-assessment to give you a 360° view of yourself.
  • an extensive educational library of articles, blogs, ebooks, digital tools, videos and more!

Plan for Peace of Mind

The Solo Ager connects you with professionals to assist you in all aspects of your life with …

  • certified PRO Alliance Partners who are specifically vetted and trained on customer service and quality assurance.
  • secure video and in-email chat connections for comparing services, consultations, setting up appointments, and communicating.
  • educational ebooks, webinars, and articles on topics ranging from adapting your home to age in place to digital solutions for safeguarding important documents,
  • all with no sales pressure or unwanted calls or emails!